Customer Support Specialist Brooklyn,NY (Not Remote)

We’re looking for a dynamic, high-performing Customer Support Specialist to join our expanding team. At Nowsta, we value building an outstanding product and providing best-in-class service to our customers. Many of our clients are evangelists for Nowsta and it’s a blast to work in an environment where clients are happy and the product is making a real difference in their lives.

The Nowsta Customer Success team works closely with clients to onboard and adopt all areas of our product while delivering insights and recommendations. The Customer Support Specialist will assist companies with getting maximum value out of Nowsta by providing outstanding support that delights our customers.

What you’ll do

● Become an expert on the Nowsta platform and staff management best practices and remain up to date on all the products and services that Nowsta offers.

● Respond to incoming support chats, implementation assistance requests, and bug reporting through Intercom.

● Professionally and effectively answering questions for customers and completing product training as needed.

● Act as the voice of the customer and provide internal feedback on how Nowsta can better serve its customers. Thus, customer support specialist should keep track of general patterns when communicating with customers.

● As mentioned above, our customer support specialist is often the first person that a customer will speak with. Because of that, they are the first within the organization who will be alerted of technical problems. If the customer support specialist receives multiple queries about the same issue, they must report the issue to the IT department in order to solve the problem as quickly as possible.

● Create training materials (e.g., troubleshooting guides, video walkthroughs, etc.)

    About you

    ● Required 1+ year in a customer support role, preferably at SaaS company

    ● In-depth knowledge of CRMs as well as customer communication through platforms like Zendesk or Intercom

    ● Strong interpersonal skills, detail-oriented, excellent presentation and communication skills

    ● A self-starter and quick learner, with a passion for continuous learning and improvement.

    ● A team player who enjoys working cross-functionally and globally

    ● Organizational and time-management skills

    ● Enthusiastic and passionate