Nowsta is a well funded company with a mission is to organize and empower the part-time and hourly teams of the world. At the moment, we're focused on shift & gig-based work. For employers, organizing and retaining these workforces is challenging. For employees, disparate work schedules and unsteady finances are all too common. We're building a platform that improves the lives of employers and employees alike.

We are looking for a Senior Full Stack Engineer to lead development for a new product. This hands on role will require strong technical skills, the ability to architect new applications and lead a small team of engineers on a big project. It will also require a product driven approach and having an opinion about what we are building. To succeed in this role you should have past experience of building a brand new code base and taking a product from concept to launch.

We value openness and kindness in our teamwork and work hard to make a positive impact on our customers and workforces. We believe that innovation in our work starts with the values we reflect in our team.


  • Lead the design and implementation of low-latency, high-availability, performant and secure applications and services.
  • Design application architecture, recommend third party libraries and frameworks, establish best practices for web application development.
  • Work closely with the Product team to implement a design system and translate designs into front end components.
  • Writing reusable, testable, and efficient code.
  • Actively participate in mentorship and code reviews for team members.


  • Minimum of 7 years of professional software development experience.
  • Extensive experience writing full stack applications in Javascript and Typescript.
  • Substantial experience with React and Node.js.
  • Experience building web applications with a component driven approach with tools like Storybook.js.
  • Understanding differences between multiple delivery platforms, such as mobile vs. desktop, and optimizing output to match the specific platform.
  • Ability to generate technical requirements and specifications from Wireframes and feature descriptions from the Product Team.
  • Extensive experience with automated testing platforms and unit tests.

Some Nice To Haves

  • Experience working with React styled-components.
  • Experience working with Cordova or equivalent frameworks.
  • Experience with micro frontends.
  • Experience working with front end design systems and pixel perfect translation of designs with a robust HTML and CSS skillset.
  • Experience with back-end Node.js based frameworks.
  • Experience with SSO protocols like Oauth2, SAML or OpenID Connect.
  • Experience deploying applications on Heroku, AWS or other public cloud services.
  • Experience with Microservices, Containerized applications and orchestration frameworks like Kubernetes.
  • Experience with CI/CD platforms like Jenkins, CircleCI and especially Github Actions.

How We Work

Engineers are encouraged to take ownership of their work and see it from initial development through to release. At the same time, all work is teamwork, and we collaborate regularly to overcome individual challenges. Code review and pair programming offer opportunities to learn and share constructive feedback.

Automation, autonomy, and trust allow our release process to move fast. Our process emphasizes customer success and developer happiness. We believe this is the path towards a sustainable engineering culture.


We provide health insurance which includes vision and dental plans. We have a no-limit vacation policy and encourage teammates to take breaks and avoid overly long work hours.

At Nowsta, you will gain experience scaling applications with a very rich business domain which impact tens of thousands of people each day. You'll be working with a passionate team with a large variety of backgrounds and experiences.