Nowsta's mission is to organize and empower the part-time and hourly teams of the world. At the moment, we're focused on shift & gig-based work. For employers, organizing and retaining these workforces is challenging. For employees, disparate work schedules and unsteady finances are all too common. We're building a platform that improves the lives of employers and employees alike.

Our team is looking for people who share an interest in building a better, more human work experience for businesses and their employees. We value openness and kindness in our teamwork and work hard to make a positive impact on our customers and workforces. We believe that innovation in our work starts with the values we reflect in our team.

The Role

  • We use React and Ruby on Rails for our front-end and back-end codebases respectively. You should have strong experience with both frameworks.
  • We use PostgreSQL for data storage and Redis for caching and queuing. You should have experience with relational modeling and some query optimization.
  • We use Git & GitHub for version control and code review and deploy our applications using Heroku.
  • We write unit and integration tests with every commit. You will be expected to write clean, maintainable, and tested code with performance and security in mind.
  • You should be comfortable with system design, including architecting, building, testing, and deploying entirely new systems.
  • You should be passionate about teaching and mentoring less experienced team members.

This job is for full-time work only, on-site, remote or some mix of both. Candidates must be eligible to work legally in the US.

How We Work

Engineers are encouraged to take ownership of their work and see it from initial development through to release. At the same time, all work is teamwork, and we collaborate regularly to overcome individual challenges. Code review and pair programming offer opportunities to learn and share constructive feedback.

Automation, autonomy, and trust allow our release process to move fast. Our process emphasizes customer success and developer happiness. We believe this is the path towards a sustainable engineering culture.


We provide health insurance which includes vision and dental plans. We are flexible on work hours and allow working from home when needed. We have a no-limit vacation policy and encourage teammates to take breaks and avoid overly long work hours.

At Nowsta, you will gain experience scaling applications with a very rich business domain which impact tens of thousands of people each day. You'll be working with a passionate team with a large variety of backgrounds and experiences.

When we are in our office, Nowsta HQ is located by the Dumbo waterfront and Brooklyn Bridge Park. The F, A, and C subway lines and ferry are easily accessible from the office.

Interview Process

*We are currently conducting all interviews remotely*

  1. Apply to this position with your resume
  2. We'll schedule 20-30 minute phone call to learn more about you and answer any questions you might have regarding the position
  3. We'll schedule a 1-hour technical screen with one of our engineers
  4. We'll invite you to an ‘on-site’ virtual interview to pair, discuss system design problems, and meet the team