Nowsta helps employers become better managers by giving them the tools they need to automate, simplify, and humanize the labor management process (think scheduling, time tracking, payroll processing integrations, and reporting + analytics). We’re building the first all in one platform for scheduling and time tracking, vendor and labor management, and financial wellness.

Employees on Nowsta can also access a suite of services to help them more effectively manage their job schedules and personal finances. NowstaPay is a financial wellness benefit program that allows employees to cash out earnings instantly for the work they've already completed. The best part? Nowsta provides the capital and infrastructure to run NowstaPay at no cost to the employer.

Nowsta powers some of the largest workforces in sectors such as events, hospitality, staffing, and many more. Employers turn to Nowsta when they want to streamline operations, reduce turnover, and increase workplace satisfaction.

  • Commuter benefits

  • Affordable rock climbing next door

  • Discounted gym plans

  • Ping-pong, darts & more

  • Weekly team meals and outings

  • Dog friendly office